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Book & Photograph Exhibition now at South Library 66 Colombo St. ChCh

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"This lyrical, impressionistic narrative is immensely engaging. While buildings shake to pieces and the land breaks open, we are lead on a journey through time, inside the reaches of the world of spirit, to the domain of healing." John Weir

"This book is a multi-voiced, subtle taonga. The photographic images themselves are superb. The italicised voice mixes the expressionistic and the scientific, shifting from a mood of devastation to one of hope. This is a powerful and important work in the recovery process, a beautiful mahi." James George

"Like an Irish faery tale, this book is unique in that it mixes real people and events with fiction. It is a tapestry of interweaving threads of cosmic, mythic, liminal and actual time. It is a prophetic allegory exploring the mysteries of death and rebirth, destruction and chaos, and addressing the quantam shift in consciousness occurring now." Joy Ryan Bloore

This is Kathleen Gallagher's first novel. Kathleen Gallagher is a poet, playwright, writer and filmmaker. She received the NZ Playwrights Award in 1993 and the Sonja Davies Peace Award in 2004 for "Tau Te Mauri Breath of Peace".She has authored 3 collections of poetry, 16 plays and 6 feature films. Her films "Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku", "Water Whisperers Tangaroa" and "Sky Whisperers Ranginui", have played in cinemas throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and in Film Festivals around the world. She has four children. Kathleen lives in Otautahi Christchurch with her husband, Michael Coughlan who is a wood worker, designer and photographer.

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