With walkers, rafters, farmers and fishing folk, we journey the alpine to spring rivers of Canterbury. Exploring above and below the surfaces, uncovering ways through our current freshwater crisis.

In Seven Rivers Walking / Haere Maaririe, filmmakers Gaylene Barnes and Kathleen Gallagher travel alongside seventy kaitiaki – fishermen, local iwi, farmers, artists, rafters, scientists, trampers – as they walk, raft and cycle seven of Canterbury's rivers over seven weeks to Easter 2017. Rivers are whole living eco-systems - we see fish, birds, drylands and wetlands. Many are surviving only in pockets. The city and braided rivers of Canterbury are in crisis-mode, most so damaged people can no longer safely swim in them. We hear from local folk who understand our rivers intimately - the kaitiaki, the river guardians of Canterbury. They reveal the braided story of the Canterbury rivers and come up with coherent solutions that respect biodiversity and restore the rivers.


WORLD PREMIERE Christchurch - Saturday 19th August 5.45pm Lady Issac Theatre Royal NZIFF

Wellington: Launch - Sunday 20th August 5.00pm Paramount Cinema

Nelson: Launch - Monday 21st August 7.45pm Suter State Cinema NZIFF

Christchurch Alices Cinematheque - from the 24th August

Christchurch Deluxe Cinemas The Tannery - from the 24th August

Timaru: Launch - Sunday 27th August 12.30pm Movie Max Cinemas NZIFF

Rangiora: Launch - Sunday 27th August 6.00pm Town Hall Cinemas

Auckland - from the 31st August

Dunedin - from the 7th September

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