"An historical novel set in c19th West Coast NZ, exploring the birthing of a new way of being when folk from opposite ends of the earth holding 
vastly differing values, languages and world 
views, cross the Southern Alps tramping through mountains, forests and wild rivers, and then attempt to live together. 
184 pages
by Kathleen Gallagher, 
Drawings by Michael Coughlan

& Butterflies

"A lyrical, impressionistic novel set amid the series of devastating Christchurch earthquakes beginning on 4th September 2010, through to late 2012. As buildings crumble, the ground opens, and liquefaction and water springs up, seven folk, their lives in pieces, go on. The photographic journal, the italicised voice and the engaging narrative, work powerfully together to create a journey through time, inside the reaches of the world of spirit, to a place of healing. 
224 pages
by Kathleen Gallagher, 
Photographs by Michael Coughlan

The Gallaghers Of Cronadum

In 1828 James and Sheila Gallagher live on a 284 acre farm in Cronadun, Donegal. In 1863 their three youngers sons Timothy, John James and Dominic Gallagher, emigrate to the West Coast of New Zealand and name the village Cronadun. Their eldest children Tully, Margaret, Nancy and Mary, stay in Donegal. This book tells of James and Sheila and their descendants in Ireland, New Zealand and America. 
226 pages
by Kathleen Gallagher, Joanie Meharry, Moyra Pearce

The Storys Of
Abdy Farm

In 1963 Williams Story and his 3 sons left Yorkshire and boarded a ship for New Zealand, eventually settling in Ōrari South Canterbury. Sarah remained in Yorkshire with baby Fred and their 3 girls. Although they wrote back and forward to each other all of their lives, and Sarah contemplated it, she never did board a ship for New Zealand. This book tells of William and Sarah and their descendants. 288 pages
by Kathleen Gallagher

Peace Plays

1.Charlie Bloom, a play for theatre, is the story of a couple living in Samoa in September 1966, downwind of Moruroa, and their experience of living with undiagnosed radiation poisoning. 2.Hautu, a play for theatre, is the tale of three men in Hautu one of the toughest Conscientious Objector Camps of WWII and of their women and families at home - the peace people of WWII. 3.Shanty & The Angel, a radio play,  is the story of an Auckland Street waking, surging, laughing, talking their loves, joys, woes, their births and their deaths. 194 pages
by Kathleen Gallagher

Mothertongue 4 Plays

These are four of the seven plays produced by Women's Action Theatre (WAT) between 1985 and 1993.
The first play "Mothertongue" is a beautifully crafted piece of prose reminiscence, monologue, poetry, song and chant which deals with birth, growing up, sex and love, work and childbirth, and death all seen from a female point of view.
The power comes from the beauty of the treatment, the tender, understated and subtle humour not normally associated with radical feminism.
Later the writing concerns itself with women's plight as a rootless person, cut off from her land, while her land is dying without her.
by Kathleen Gallagher, Kate Wynstanley and Jen Rippingale


Christchurch lies on the edge of the Canterbury Plains bounded by the Cashmere Hills the home of Kahukura - Red Cloak of the Sky - to the east, and the Southern Alps to the west.
Even in the heart of winter, hot winds come, and Kahukura rises from the Cashmere Hills and fans out, red hued across the sky, forming the Nor' west Are.
by Kathleen Gallagher
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