"Hautu is the story of two WWII Conscientous Objectors in the rugged Hautu detention camp

and their womenfolk in Christchurch and on the West Coast."

Director : Steven Arnold. Writer : Kathleen Gallagher.

PREMIERE SCREENING Sunday 4th September 4.00pm, 2016

Hollywood Cinema, Sumner, Christchurch

Bookings ph 3266102

During WWII over 800 Conscientous Objectors were sent to Detention Camps throughout New Zealand. Hautu Detention Camp, situated south of the southern tip of Lake Taupo was one of the toughest. This drama tells the tale of two men in Hautu, Pete Bawn a Methodist Christian Pacifist and Tim Flanagan a West Coast Irish Catholic. It tells of their womenfolk - wives, mothers, sisters and children surviving at home in Christchurch and on the West Coast between 1939 - 46, and explores the lives of these pacifists, our peace people of WWII.

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